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Sometimes the issue with your DSL service can be a faulty modem. You need to try swapping the modem with a known-to-be-good modem before we can accept the fault. If you don't, and the problem is with your modem, you may be charged a No Fault Found Fee

Before lodging the fault, you should remove the ADSL filter from your service and plug your modem into the first socket in your house or office. You should also disconnect all other equipment from the phone line.

If we need to send the fault to our upstream carrier to investigate, and they determine the fault is with your equipment (modem/router/ADSL filter/phone/etc) or in-building cabling, we may need to charge a "no fault found" fee. In these cases, we will endeavour to provide as much information as we can as to why the No Fault Found fee has been applied. This fee is generally around $150 - $200.

In some cases, we can request a "fast fix" on services which have a fault. If we are able to provide the fast fix, a one-time fee of $100 applies to this request. If we are unable to provide the fast fix, no additional charge applies.

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